Jeff Shuford: The Historic American Technologist Highlighted by Canadian Media


Worldwide, Jeff Shuford made significant strides in various domains, notably contributing to international academic research in artificial intelligence ethics, advocacy for veterans, and award-winning digital entrepreneurship. His multifaceted accomplishments have been celebrated across multiple platforms, showcasing his ability to merge dynamic technological innovation with award-winning social impact.

Under Jeff Shuford’s leadership, National Invest In Veterans Week® not only carved a niche in veteran advocacy but also achieved an extraordinary level of recognition rarely seen. Shuford’s strategic direction led to a groundbreaking moment on February 29, 2024, when Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren officially endorsed the initiative. This endorsement, significant in acknowledging the Navajo Nation’s storied military service—especially the pivotal role of the Navajo Code Talkers during World War II—highlights Shuford’s ability to bridge historical valor with contemporary multi-generational advocacy efforts.

The rarity of such an accomplishment was further underscored on March 8, 2024, when Shuford’s efforts culminated in National Invest In Veterans Week® being formally recognized in the Congressional Record (Volume 170, No. 42), a historic testament to the initiative’s profound impact on veteran support and advocacy and cements Shuford’s legacy in American History. This inclusion directly reflects Shuford’s dynamic vision and multi- dimensional leadership, marking a pivotal moment in the initiative’s history and in the broader landscape of legislative support for veterans.

Later in the week, in a remarkable demonstration of appreciation, Representative Rosendale took the House floor to honor our veterans and commend Governor Gianforte’s initiative for Invest in Veterans Week, spearheaded by Jeff Shuford. With solemnity, Representative Rosendale declared:

“Today, I rise to celebrate this week as Invest in Veterans Week, as proclaimed by Montana Governor Gianforte. Currently, nearly 9% of the Treasure State’s population is made up of veterans. There are over 78,000 veterans in Montana, the fifth-highest population of veterans per capita of any state. It’s truly an honor and a privilege to represent a state so deeply rooted in military history. Businesses owned by veterans employ over 5 million people and generate over $1 trillion in revenue annually. Whether that be through storing their own farm ranch or small business, many of our nation’s heroes come home to their families and communities ready and eager to find ways they can continue to benefit and serve our communities. By investing in our veterans, we’re able to provide them with the resources that they need to continue to use their exceptional talents and skills that benefit all of us investing in our veterans should not be limited to just this week, but it should be our mission all year round. Thank you very much, Mr. Speaker; I yield back.”

This specific acknowledgment by a member of Congress on the House floor not only highlights the initiative’s influence and reach but also cements its role in the national dialogue around veteran welfare and advocacy. Further, adding depth to his contributions, Shuford was instrumental in establishing the Jeff  Shuford Empowerment Through Advocacy Award. This award, recognizing the vital role of advocacy in empowering veterans, was fittingly presented to NFL star Aaron Jones. Jones, a 2024 NFL Salute to Service Award finalist known for his dynamic prowess on the field with the Minnesota Vikings, has paralleled his athletic achievements with a profound commitment to supporting thousands of  military veterans and their families, notably through the A&A All The Way Foundation. This foundation, co-founded with his twin brother, reflects Jones’s personal connection to the military and his efforts to provide meaningful support and recognition to the veteran community.

Reflecting on his historic year, Shuford stated, “In 2024, my mission was clear: to bridge the gap between innovation and social impact. Through my endeavors in artificial intelligence research, advocacy for veterans, and digital entrepreneurship, I’ve strived to create meaningful change on multiple fronts. The recognition of National Invest In Veterans Week® in the Congressional Record and the establishment of the Jeff Shuford Empowerment Through Advocacy Award are testaments to the power of dedication and vision in effecting positive change. As we move forward, let us continue to harness the potential of  technology and advocacy to build a future where no veteran is left behind and where innovation serves as a catalyst for equity and empowerment.”

This series of endorsements and recognitions, led by Shuford’s foresight and dedication, is a rarity in both the realm of veteran support initiatives and in broader social advocacy efforts. It underscores a unique convergence of tribal, legislative, and individual leadership efforts, showcasing the impactful and wide-ranging support that National Invest In Veterans Week® has garnered under Shuford’s stewardship. Through his guidance, the initiative has not only honored the legacy of veterans but has also propelled forward the conversation and actions toward improving their lives post-service.

His advocacy for veteran entrepreneurship has been exemplified through the expansion of National Invest In Veterans Week®, a platform he has used to foster social impact programs that support veterans’ economic empowerment. This initiative has led to the issuance of proclamations by states such as Montana (2023 – 2024), Oregon (2022), and the South Carolina General Assembly (2019), recognizing the importance of supporting veteran entrepreneurs. The initiative has been celebrated for its social impact and innovative marketing strategies, which have broadened its reach and effectively supported veteran entrepreneurs.

In an innovative endeavor to provide comprehensive support to veterans across the United States, Jeff Shuford has spearheaded the launch of a unique collection of state-specific veteran domains. These platforms, including,,,,,,,,,,,,, Veterans.International, and, stand at the forefront of digital advocacy for veterans. Aimed at serving as foundational pillars within their respective states, each website is designed to offer a wealth of localized resources, networking avenues, and educational content. This initiative is tailored to address the distinctive challenges and opportunities that veterans encounter as they transition from military to civilian life, further empowering them in their entrepreneurial journeys. Through this visionary project, Shuford underscores a commitment to revolutionizing veteran support, making these domains a vital resource for veterans seeking guidance, community, and opportunities in their post-service lives.

Shuford’s work in artificial intelligence research, particularly through his published contributions to the Journal of Artificial Intelligence General Science, has been transformative. He has delved into the realms of AI in healthcare, emphasizing the potential of AI to revolutionize patient care through predictive analytics and decision support systems. This focus highlights the importance of AI in addressing health disparities, especially within minority communities, and underscores Shuford’s vision of a healthcare system where technology serves as a tool for justice and equity.

Shuford emerged as a force in technology journalism at the age of 29 after launching Tech From Vets, a brand he led to a BizTech Award from Comcast Business. By the age of 30, Shuford had already made history as one of the youngest African-American nationally syndicated business and technology columnists, a historic milestone for American Black History that marked the beginning of his impactful career. Shuford’s tenure with the American City Business Journals and his collaboration with GateHouse Media have substantially amplified his market reach. His insightful commentary on technology and business trends has been spread across more than 43 regional business newspapers through his affiliation with the American City Business Journals. The expansion of his influence is even more pronounced with GateHouse Media, where his weekly column appeared in 144 daily newspapers, 684 community publications, and over 569 local-market websites across 38 states. This extensive syndication underlines the substantial impact of Shuford’s award-winning work, making him one of the most recognized black business and technology columnists in the United States of America, and highlights his dedication to issues concerning American veterans and their integration into the business world. The broad dissemination of his columns not only solidifies his standing as a thought leader but also magnifies his advocacy for veteran-centric initiatives, showcasing his commitment to leveraging his platform for meaningful societal contributions.

Moreover, Shuford’s efforts have been further recognized with awards such as the Swagger Magazine Visionary of the Year Award for Digital Empowerment and Veteran Entrepreneurship, his organization being named the 2024 “Initiative of The Year” along with a 2024 Lifetime Digital Grassroots Achievement Award presented by Campaigning Info, and earning a Lifetime Achievement Award from This recognition celebrates his journey from an Iraq War veteran to a titan in technology journalism and dynamic social entrepreneurship, highlighting his innovative digital marketing strategies and his pioneering vision in business and technology sectors nationwide. Shuford’s 2025 plan is to further expand National Invest In Veterans Week® to the USA’s vast international military installation domains and impact regions.

Jeff Shuford’s 2024 achievements paint a picture of a dedicated innovator and advocate, whose work spans across technology, healthcare, and support for veterans. His contributions not only showcase his expertise and dedication but also his impact on fostering a more inclusive and equitable future through the power of technology and advocacy.

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